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Eboli around the World

Roberto Novella

Brother Roberto of Eboli, member of the noble ebolitan family Novella, was a franciscan monk that live in the sixteenth…

Ana de Mendoza

Ana de Mendoza y de la Cerda, universally known as Princess of Eboli, was born in Cifuentes in 1540. She…

Umberto Nobile

Umberto Nobile was born in 1885 in Lauro. He was an italian explorer and engineer, professor of Aeronautical Construction at…

Giulia Guarino

Giulia Guarino was born in Eboli in 1897. She was a worldwide figure, symbol of women’s emancipation and of women’s…

Carlo Levi

Carlo Levi was born in Turin in 1902. He was an Italian author and painter, one of the most important…

Marcello Gigante

Marcello Gigante was born in Buccino in 1923. He was a scholar of the Greek, classical philologist and one of…


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