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Notable Ebolitans

Pietro da Eboli

Pietro da Eboli was a medieval poet close to the Swabian court. He was born between 1150 and 1160 in…

Bernardo Silvano

Bernardo Silvano was a geographer and humanist born in Eboli around 1465. As quoted by many scholars of geography he…

Matteo Ripa

Missionary born in Eboli in 1682. Ordained a priest of Salerno in 1705. During a mission in China, in order…

Gherardo degli Angeli

Gherardo deli Angeli was an italian religious poet of the Order of the Minimi, he belonged to a noble family…

Gaetano Genovese

Gaetano Genovese was an architect. He was born in Eboli in 1795. He was a student of the Niccolini, with…

Giacinto Romano

Giacinto Romano, born 26th october 1854, was an italian historian and professor at the Universities of Messina and Pavia, where…


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