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Museums and cultural spaces

National Museum of Archaeology of Eboli and of the Media Valle of Sele

The National Archaeological Museum of Eboli and the Media Valle del Sele is located in the Convent of San Francesco.…

MOA - Museum of Operation Avalanche

MOA - Museum of Operation Avalanche is situated within the Monumental Complex of Sant'Antonio in the old town of Eboli.…

Library and photographic archive

The city library, established in December 1996, is named after Simon Augelluzzi (Cava dei Tirreni 1876 - Eboli 1957) elementary…

Museum of Rural Life and old crafts

Il The Museum of Rural Life and Old Crafts is located within the educational farm "Feudo Ron Alfre", in a…

Permanent exhibitions

The Gramophone museum is a private collection of prof. Vincenzo Mottola. It hosts 50 gramophones from 1895 to 1960, over…

Cinema, Theatres and Music Rooms

Cinema Teatro Italia, built right after the war as an open air cinema, it was covered in 1948 and completely…


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