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Campagna Palace

The distinguished and aristocratic Campagna family lived in Eboli in 1500 and took an active part in political and religious…

Corcione Palace

The wealth of the Corcione family Corcione, once Barons of Latronico, is evidenced by the possession of a chapel with…

De Consulibus Palace

The distinguished and aristocratic family de Consulibus lived in Eboli before 1500; seven members of this family asked to become…

La Francesca Palace

The La Francesca family lived in Eboli in the seventeenth century, taking an active part in the city: six members…

Martucci Palace

The distinguished and aristocratic Martucci family lived in Eboli since the sixteenth century and built their home on Via Castello…

Palazzo Novella

Of the ancient and noble family Novella we have references in the Ebolitan chronicles since the fourteenth century. Very wealthy…

Paladino Palace

The distinguished and wealthy Paladino Palace was known and active at Eboli in the sixteenth century and this is demonstrated…

Roman Palace

The Romano family, among the most famous and ancient of Eboli, took active part in the religious and political life…

Romano Cesareo Palace

The first traces in Eboli of the rich and noble Cesareo family, originally from Montecorvino Rovella (SA), date back to…


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