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Popular culture

Rites and Beliefs

Popular beliefs represent a real imprint in cultures, which last for centuries. They are usually passed down orally through generations,…

Myths and legends

Folk beliefs are often closely linked with superstition, giving credit to unproven facts and phenomena and leading to believe in…

Religious Devotions

As in every tradition, the sacred and the profane mix, creating legends so old they are hard to date. In…

Folk Characters

Folk characters and their stories and struggles represent a treasure of illuminating wisdom and a piece of local history. They…

Popular works

Theatrical Works Farsa di Don Annibale This play is very old. It was always enacted in Eboli on the last…

Ebolitan Sayings and Proverbs

Tanté vaié a l'acqua a muscetora, ca se ne car'u maneché: So goes the pitcher to the fountain that the…


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